KU MU Basketball Tickets- What You Should Know and Be Aware Of

KU MU Basketball Tickets

After the announcement of the return of the Border War, KU MU basketball tickets have been the hot topic of sports fans from both sides. Because of the excitement, tickets sold out in minutes even before the general public had a chance to buy them. Here’s all the outs and ins to KU vs. MU basketball tickets from how the tickets were sold, to where to get them now and the game info.


KU MU Basketball Tickets

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The Sale of KU-MU Basketball Tickets

Each school, the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, received an even divide of the 18,000 KU MU basketball tickets. The 9,000 tickets went sold out to Mizzou donors and students within minutes! KU sold out of their tickets by Tuesday night. Sprint Center planned to sell tickets on Wednesday morning to the general public based on what was leftover from each school but neither school had any extras.

Where to find KU-MU Basketball Tickets

Tickets For Less, along with other brokers, chose not to sell KU MU basketball tickets in order to preserve the cause of the game to benefit hurricane relief. Because most of the secondary market decided not to sell, donors and some students had more options to buy more tickets. Some of those lucky fans may be looking to sell their extras. If you know them, that’s great! Purchasing from friends and family is safer and a protected means on buying tickets. However, you can look online at Facebook or Craigslist but take the proper precautions. The KU MU basketball tickets are paper so there is no way to verify you have the original and only copy. There is a chance you can check back with the schools. Some people may have bought more than they need and returned to their extra tickets back to each university.

Wherever you find tickets, just be cautious and make sure know how to avoid scams.

KU-MU Basketball Game Info

If you’re among the lucky fans with tickets, head to Sprint Center Sunday October 22nd. The Showdown for Relief tips off at 3PM. All money from the tickets will be raised and donated to raise awareness and financial support for hurricane relief efforts.

For those of us who aren’t attending the game, we can watch on TV via pay-per-view. The game will cost $40 and all proceeds will go also go to hurricane relief. Visit ShowdownForRelief.com to watch. 

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