KU Football Waxed on Homecoming

Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas football program hit its season low last Saturday after a 62-7 loss to Oklahoma on homecoming.

With a sparse crowd, particularly after the half, and a season already full of bad losses in which the team wasn’t competitive, the program continues to limp through the 2015 season searching for answers.

The score wasn’t even necessarily the worst part of the game, although 62-7 is never good, but rather, the simple fact that the Kansas players weren’t able to get anything going against fellow collegiate athletes goes to show how badly the program is in need of improvement.

Now, KU must sit down and think about how to take on a Texas team, which has a roster of superior athletes, but has seen its own share of struggles over the past several years.

Texas’ struggles are actually harder to fathom than those at Kansas, mainly due to the recruiting pool the Longhorns are able to select from, and with the highest athletic budget in the country, as well as incredible facilities and a winning tradition, the simple fact that UT has become an afterthought in the Big 12 is hard to believe.

The Jayhawks, which are in a worse scholarship situation to begin this season than Penn State was following the Jerry Sandusky fallout from the NCAA, is simply trying to seek some level of improvement for the sake of the future.

David Beaty knows his team isn’t going anywhere this season, and should Kansas come away with a win at some point, he’ll celebrate it like no other and show how proud he is of a team which frankly just isn’t very talented.

What this team needs is fans to come out and support them. Support the future of the program by showing this current group that they will have people in the seats to watch them. The Kansas football program, for all intensive purposes, as been the little brother on campus compared to the basketball program, but nevertheless has shown it can play at a high level in D1 football.

While they may go winless this season, there have been tangible improvements on the field by the players, and it has become obvious that Beaty has a handful of talented, young players which will make an impact on the program for the next several seasons.


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