KU Continues Their Rollercoaster Season

Mandatory Credit: David Purdy - Getty Images

Mandatory Credit: David Purdy – Getty Images

It’s amazing what just about 48 hours time can do to a fanbase. Kansas beats Texas on Saturday, and looks pretty good at times doing so, and Bill Self wins his 200th game played in Allen Fieldhouse.

Fast forward to Monday night, KU heads to Ames where they haven’t won in a while against some pretty good Iowa State teams. KU looked pretty good in the first half and took advantage of Iowa State playing some very poor defense. It looked like KU was going to coast, and pickup a big road win.

Kansas went completely cold in the second half as Iowa State outscores KU 49-29 in the second half, and beat KU for the third straight year at home. This one has to really hurt Jayhawk fans because they were in complete control of the game. Bill Self talked about a lack of composure in the second half, and that was noticeable when ISU started hitting 3’s, and the crowd started getting into the game.

Frank Mason was not good yesterday, and he really hasn’t had a good month, he’s costed KU some key turnovers. I posted last week about KU, and their lack of leadership is a huge black eye for the Hawks. They have lots of talent, and their bench is deep, but who is going to step up for KU?

Back to the first paragraph, this year has been somewhat of a roller coaster for KU so far, and KU loyalists are starting to get irritated with this inconsistency we have seen from Bill Self and his teams throughout the last few years. They may win the Big 12 again this year, but they certainly don’t dominate the league like they used to. Iowa State and Oklahoma are better teams, and they have a star on their team that can rise up and make big plays.

What I don’t understand is how much praise Bill Self can get for his 200-9 record at Allen Fieldhouse, and then 48 hours later, people are making idiotic claims by saying he’s run his course at KU. This guy has won or shared the conference 11 straight years, and brought a National Championship to Lawrence. KU fans need to take a look at what’s happening all over the country, as everyone is losing. There are no more 30 win teams in college basketball, not in the Big 12, Pac-12, or ACC for that matter.

Kansas has been set back down to earth in these recent years, as they can’t win in Ames, Manhattan, or Morgantown. There is no doubt they have a target on their backs everywhere they go, because they are the champs and have not been dethroned, but the talent gap isn’t anywhere it used to be from KU and the rest of the league.

If KU is able to repeat, again, it will be remarkable considering how even the league is this year. KU could still win this thing, but they just don’t have the talent advantage we are used to seeing.

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