Handicapping KU’s Chances At Winning the Big 12

When you are a Jayhawk fan there are a few things you can expect every year. 1) Having a Top 10 basketball team 2) A high seed in the NCAA tournament and 3) Probably ending up on top of the Big 12 standings.

With half a season and in the books let’s take a look at how Kansas is tracking towards expectations.

Being a Top 10 Team

This one is pretty much in the bag. It’s very conceivable Kansas could lose 5 more games this season, but that won’t be enough to not make them a top 10 team. Likely losses will be either on the road or to top quality tournament bound opponents.

A High NCAA Seed

Logic goes to say if KU finds it’s way to a 24-6 record they’ll be a 3 seed at worst. KU always does a great job of maintaining a good RPI which for whatever reason matters in seeding. Also, with a few quality wins under their belt and a few more to most likely come they’ll be fine in the NCAA committee’s eyes. Getting a high seed is more important to KU this year though as the regional games are in Kansas City, there home away from home.

Winning the Big 12

Winning a conference title is always a big deal but this year would tie the all time record of 13 conference titles in a row currently held by UCLA. Going into the season it looked like KU would easily accomplish this but it’s Big 12 peers look to be a stronger crop than expected. KU is 2-0 in conference but both wins were close. While KU is normally untouchable at Allen Fieldhouse they’ve come dangerously close to losing there already this season. KU is still the odds on favorite to win the Big 12 but not as big as before. We wouldn’t rate it at more than a 60% chance, a far cry from the 90% odds most people held them at in the preseason.


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