Best Players Under Bill Self At Kansas

Bill Self will likely be heading into the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame via the 2017 class (he’s a finalist). All Hall of Fame coaches are amazing but a coach alone can’t win games, that’s where players come in. With that in mind, we look at Bill Self’s best players during his time at Kansas.

  1. Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis spent what felt like eight years at Kansas. While it was only four years, his stats could be what an average player could rack up in eight. Perry was an offensive force from the beginning but morphed into a two-way player his junior and senior seasons. Perry’s career was fantastic marred a little by a lack of post-season success.

  1. Joel Embiid

He only played 28 games at Kansas, but man was he good. His ranking here is strictly based on the fact he’s easily the most talented player Self has ever coached. We can talk of what might have been if he was healthy in March of 2014, but we’ll have to settle for NBA success.

  1. Brandon Rush

If you want a player that can do it all, Rush is your guy. For three years, he silently lead KU in several categories. Being a defender first, he still managed to average 13 points a game. He also hung a banner in 2008, despite being outshined by his teammate Mario Chalmers in the Championship game.

  1. Frank Mason

If you are looking for Bill Self’s best coaching job look no further. Mason came into Kansas with no acclaim what-so-ever and will leave as a top 10, maybe top 5 scorer all time. Perhaps this is why Self claims Mason is his favorite player ever. Frank has a chance to cement his legacy this March.

  1. Sherron Collins

There’s a striking similarity between numbers one and two on the list. Sherron Collins is the original Frank Mason. While Frank might have passed him on the Bill Self love rankings, Sherron still has a few things Frank doesn’t: more career points, a first team All America and a National Championship.

Players that just missed the cut: Keith Langford, Wayne Simien, Tyshawn Taylor, Andrew Wiggins, Mario Chalmers, Marcus and Markieff Morris, Thomas Robinson.

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